Registration Policy

Registration Policy

Amended 7/2018

  1. Except for honorary life members, there shall be a $100 registration fee for the Annual Conference. Additionally, there shall be a $50 registration fee for an accompanying spouse or guest of a registrant for the Annual Conference.
  2. The President and Host shall jointly be limited to ten free registrations, of these ten, the Host may provide up to five free registrations to its staff. Additional free registration may be furnished to any contributors contributing $200 or more toward the conference.
  3. The Association shall provide the host up to $600 for the Annual conference for the first night’s reception and hospitality.
  4. The Association shall pay for refreshments sponsored during the coffee breaks.
  5. The Association shall pay for the final night’s hospitality hour and annual banquet costs. Banquet costs are construed as meaning the cost incurred for food, service and gratuity only.
  6. The Association shall pay for any meeting room expenses incurred by the host.
  7. The Association will not be responsible for any expenses not authorized by this policy or the Board of Directors.
  8. All proceeds collected from registration fees shall be turned over to the treasurer for depositing into the Association’s account.
  9. Such costs as, but not limited to, entertainments, special facilities, paid speakers, or travel costs for speakers must have approval of a majority vote of the Board of Directors prior to commitment and/or expenditures being made.
  10. The Association may advance up to $1,000 to the Host for prepayment of conference expenses sixty days prior to the conference.
  11. The Association shall pay, if necessary, up to $20 expense for each person registered, for one tour during the Annual Conference.
  12. As hosting the conference involves a lot of work on the part of the host & their staff, a $50 gift per staff member will be made by the association to host staff at the conclusion of the conference not to exceed $500 in total from AGRO operations account for their service to the association.
  13. The Association shall maintain a Conference Attendance Scholarship Fund to be used to grant funds to any full member in good standing towards attendance and participation in Annual AGRO Conferences.  $5,000 in seed money has been initially appropriated from the general Fund to this Scholarship Fund and AGRO will allocate a portion of the annual membership dues to the Scholarship Fund, the amount of which is to be voted on at the prior year’s Annual Business Meeting.     

             Members must apply for Scholarship Funds with a letter and application as prescribed by the AGRO Board.  Applications are required to be submitted to the Board by March 1st for that year’s conference and it is the Board’s duty to choose scholarship recipients by April 15th.  The Board will have a maximum of $5,000 in Scholarship Funds to allocate annually.  The maximum dollar amount may be allocated between applicants or awarded in whole.  Awarding of funding will be based on majority vote by the Board.  The board will have the discretion on how the awarded scholarship funds will be distributed to the scholarship recipient or recipient.

             See attached document for the Conference Attendance Scholarship Proposal which passed during the AGRO Annual Business Meeting in 2018.

AGRO Attendance Scholarship as Approved 7-2018.docx