What is AAWCO EDI?

It is an electronic data interface standard created by AAWCO in 1995 to allow the transfer of examination data between licensee and examiner using a standard PC text file. AAWCO EDI speeds the examination process because the examiner no longer prints reports from the licensee’s computer system and then hand-enters that data into the examiner’s computer during the examination.

I am a state-licensed grain elevator and I want to get examiners out of our facilities faster. Will AAWCO EDI do that?

Yes, in the vast majority of routine examinations. The reason is simple, the examiner spends less time entering data into his or her computer from information printed of your computer.

What are the costs associated with using AAWCO EDI?

There are no fees to use AAWCO EDI. Many grain software companies have already incorporated the AAWCO EDI capability into their software systems and may charge extra for this feature or it may be included in the cost of the software itself. Contact your grain software provider for details.

I manage a grain elevator and I like the idea but I'm not a "computer guru" and neither is anyone on our staff. Are we locked out from using AAWCO EDI?

Not at all! Creating an AAWCO EDI data file can be a simple menu item on your grain software system–no special computer expertise required. If you do not have a menu item on your grain software system, contact your grain software provider and ask them about it.

Is AAWCO's EDI part of the ANSI X12 electronic data interchange standard?

No. AAWCO EDI is an interface not an interchange. It’s a one-way street. AAWCO EDI is not governed according to the ANSI standard. AAWCO is solely responsible for this protocol used to transfer examination data from licensee to examiner in a standard electronic format.

Why isn't AAWCO's EDI an ANSI EDI standard?

The simple answer is cost and scope. Setting up an ANSI standard would require AAWCO’s participation in a very detailed vetting process. This vetting process is vital in most situations to allow “any to any” electronic transactions, meaning any company could interact with any other company in that industry without pre-arrangement. In AAWCO’s case, however, there is an on-going relationship between licensee and licensing authority and there is one organization that all licensing authorities participate in, AAWCO. Hence creating the standard within AAWCO saves both time and money for all parties.

In our operations, we have only a portion of the data defined in the AAWCO EDI. Can we still use AAWCO EDI?

Yes! AAWCO EDI defines 45 different types of data (for example, warehouse receipt, open storage account, contract, grain payable, etc.) but very rarely are all 45 record types present at one operation. The bottom line is that examiners welcome any AAWCO EDI file even if there are only a fraction of the 45 different data types represented.

Tools & Downloads

Tools to help grain software providers and licensees implement AGRO EDI:

Official Roster of Grain Software Providers Offering AGRO EDI

Official Roster of State Authorities Receiving AGRO EDI