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Arkansas State Plant BoardChurchwell, Michael L.

Canadian Grain CommissionBirch, Corey

Canadian Grain CommissionJaworski, Catherine

Canadian Grain CommissionStewin, Stan

Colorado Department of AgricultureGallegos, Mark

Colorado Department of AgricultureJacobsen, Leif

Georgia Department of AgricultureFuller, Paula

Georgia Department of AgricultureWamba, Jason

Idaho State Department of AgricultureWilmot, Kyle

Illinois Department of AgricultureSmall, Joe

Indiana State Department of AgricultureNewton, Ross

Indiana State Department of AgricultureWilmoth, Harry

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land StewardshipKennedy, James

Kansas Department of AgricultureVogel, Jeff

Kentucky Department of AgricultureBarlow, Gary

Kentucky Department of AgricultureBloemer, Tom

Kentucky Department of AgricultureWest, Richard

Louisiana Department of Agriculture & ForestryFitzgerald, Kyra

Louisiana Department of Agriculture & ForestryGuidry, Dennis

Louisiana Department of Agriculture & ForestryRayburn, Benjy

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