2016 - 2017 Committees:

  1. Federal/State Relations, Industry Issues & Development
  2. Computer Technology and Uniformity/Auditors & Examiners

Members serving on 1 and 2 may also serve on committees 3 through 5

  1. Marketing
  2. Conference Host Planning
  3. Audit

Committee appointments are made by governmental unit or organization.  The assigned person’s successor or designee may take his or her place.  If no one is representing the assigned governmental unit or organization, their predecessors will take over positions that are affected.  Please advise of changes.

1.  Federal/State Relations, Industry Issues & Development

Identify issues that put federal and state regulatory program in conflict. Collaborate to make federal/state programs more effective and cost efficient. Improve lines of communication between federal and state officials to ensure that depositors and producers in each state are afforded maximum protection. Work to ensure that state regulatory agencies have access to electronic warehouse receipt information stored by USDA approved providers. Identify issues of concern to any member or affiliate member that needs to be addressed by the association.


Action Items for 2016-2017:

New business

Chair: Jeff Haarer, Michigan
CoChair:Ken Henderson, Missouri

David Simmons, Ohio
Alan Smith, Consolidated Grain & Barge Co.
James Kennedy, Iowa
Bert Johnson, CoBank
Konrad Crockford, North Dakota
 Mark Gallegos, Colorado
Max Fisher, NGFA
Carie Pintado, USDA/KCCO
Robert Peton, Iowa
Konrad Crockford, North Dakota

2.  Computer Technology and Uniformity/Auditors & Examiner

Identify areas where state and federal examination programs could become more uniform and effective. Develop guidelines, standards and models for improving uniformity and effectiveness of examinations. Identify training programs that might benefit auditors/examiners.


Action Items for 2016-2017: There are new multi-component contracts being used in some states. The contracts may go by different names and use different terminology. There is a need to standardize language and to update the AGRO EDI standards codes to reflect these new contracts.

  • New business.

Chair: Dale Heggem, Wyoming 

Members: Corey Birch, Canadian Grain Commission
Greg Miller, Miller & Associates
John Hill, eGrain
Evan Boyd, Tennessee
Richard West, Kentucky
Wes Jones, Idaho
Michael Keck, Kansas
Carie Pintado, USDA/KCCO

3.  Marketing

Spread the word about who we are. Invite organizations to join.
Invigorate all members to be more active in attendance and input of ideas

Action Items for 2016-2017: AGRO is exploring using Facebook and Twitter to continue building membership momentum and interest in AGRO. The committee plans to look into how to set this up after answering questions including about whether there is any cost, who would administer these accounts, and whether most AGRO members would be permitted to participate.

  • New business

Chair: Dominic Perrone, Michigan 

Members: Lenny Carpenter, Indiana
Corey Birch, Canadian Grain Commission
Carrie Pendleton, Kentucky
Jason Wamba, Georgia
Ross Newton, Indiana

4.  Conference Host Planning

Action Items for 2016-2017:Assist in planning 2017 AGRO Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska and begin to establish locations for 2018 and 2019 sites.

  • New business

Chair: Jim Mehlhaff, South Dakota

Treasurer: Terri Fritz, Nebraska
2016 Host:Ken Henderson, Missouri
2017 Host:Mike Bartels, Nebraska
2018 Host: Jim Mehlhaff, South Dakota
2019 or 2020 Potential Host:Corey Birch, Canadian Grain Commission
2019 or 2020 Potential Host: Jason Wamba, Georgia

5.  Audit

Review the association’s financial records annually and report findings to the membership.

Chair: Tyler King, Idaho

Member: Dale Heggem, Wyoming


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